Latihan soal-soal Passive Voice
Ubahlah kalimat-kalimat berikut menjadi kalimat passive!

1.    Rudi visits them.
2.    Rina waters the flowers.
3.    Jonathan is not buying some books.
4.    Dio embraces Celly tightly.
5.    The policemen are guarding the precident.
6.    Amanda returned my book last night.
7.    The seller offered some discounts to the buyers.
8.    Anton visited grandmother.
9.    Marchell was watering the plants.
10. A manager will interview the applicants next week.
11. They can finish the homeworks well.
12. Anto might visit this house last week.
13. My father bought this car last year.
14. He doesn't describe the good painting.
15. A teacher has explained the lesson too much.
16. How many tickets does Adam buy?
17. Will visitors read all my articles?
18. My mother makes some cakes.
19. I don’t watch the news.
20. Does Lucy do this assignment?
21. The students didn’t speak English at class last night.
22. They translated some old documents last week.
23. Sam has taken an English course.
24. The students are using the computers now.
25. Dolph will play the guitar at the stage.
26. They don’t do this assignment.
27. Diana opened the window.
28. The worker built the house.
29. We have delivered the packages.
30. The stewardess is now serving coffee to the passengers.

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