Really Learn 100 Phrasal Verbs

This book covers 100 of the most frequent and useful phrasal verbs in English, with their main meanings. You may find that a phrasal verb has other meanings that are not covered in this book, but the goal is to give you what you need to master the phrasal verbs that you need in everyday English.

The phrasal verbs in this book are arranged in alphabetical order according to the particles, so that look after comes before bring up, but you can do the pages in any order, as each page deals with a separate verb.

Really works in these six easy steps;
  1. Study examples of each verb as it’s really used.
  2. Check that you understand the meaning and the grammar.
  3. Practice using each verb in the exercises and check your answers.
  4. Build your vocabulary with related words, synonyms and opposites.
  5. Revise groups of verbs and test what you have learned using the 10 review pages.
  6. Get it right, check meaning, extra grammar tips and answers to exercises in the Hand key.

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